Sharp knives don't have to cost hundreds of dollars

Anyone can maintain their knives to professional kitchen-grade levels with the knife sharpening whetstone. All it takes is water, a knife, care, and a few minutes.

This is the absolute best way to get the sharpest blade.

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  • Safe & Easy

    Learn in 10 minutes with free instructional video. Includes non-slip bamboo base to elevate ease of use.

  • Sharpen & Refine

    Dual grit stone has grit markers to indicate rough and smooth sides, which allow for fast sharpening and refining of edges.

  • Only Needs Water

    Do not use oil. Requires only water. Simple to clean and store. Made of durable aluminum oxide.

How It Works


What's a whetstone and how does it compare to other tools?

Whetstones are abrasive stones that professional kitchens use to sharpen their knives. 

They are superior to honing rods and slot based sharpeners because unlike rods and slot based sharpeners, whetstones refine steel by microscopically removing small amounts of metal to recreate a sharp edge. Rods and other tools only bend dull and warped steel back into shape.

Can whetstones damage knives?

While whetstones remove steel, they only remove trace amounts with every sharpening. It's up to the user to decide how much pressure to apply and how much to sharpen. With proper technique, your knives will be fine.

For proper technique, refer to the instructional video.

How do you use the whetstone?

It's easy! Just soak the stone in water for 5 minutes, place your blade on the stone at a 15 degree angle, and move the blade up and down the stone.

Refer to the instructional video for more.

What's your return policy?

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your whetstone, return it for a full refund within 30 days of receiving the product.