Coronavirus guidance

If you think you may have , follow the national guidance and self-isolate for 10 days. Please see our information for visitors > before you plan on visiting one of our hospitals. If you, or a member of your family has tested positive for coronavirus, please find resources to aid your/their recovery on our supporting your recovery from coronavirus > page.

Audiology at Queen's Hospital Burton

The audiology department at Queen’s Hospital Burton, provides a comprehensive service for those who have difficulties with their hearing or tinnitus.

Cá độ bóng đáWe are an extensive team of specialist audiologists and audiology assistant practitioners, who deal with all aspects of hearing and tinnitus related care.

Cá độ bóng đáWe assess patients with hearing difficulties and support them through each stage of their treatment; from initial assessment, hearing aid fitting, and follow-up care.  We have a team of tinnitus specialists who provide support and rehabilitation to those patients who are adversely affected by their tinnitus. There are a number of ways this can be achieved; counselling, hearing aids, sound therapy and combination devices which are hearing aids with a built in noise generator.

Cá độ bóng đáEvery patient’s treatment path is unique to them, and tailor made to help ease the difficulties they face in regard to their tinnitus.

We run a number of clinics across the area, these include:

  • Queens Hospital, Burton,
  • Sir Robert Peel Hospital, Tamworth
  • Samuel Johnson Hospital, Lichfield
  • Balance Street GP Surgery, Uttoxeter
  • Swadlincote Health Centre, Civic Way
  • Wellbrook Medical Centre, Welland Road, Hilton

Video consultations

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have had to make changes to the way we provide our services to limit the amount of people and time spent in the hospital. We are now able to offer ‘remote’ online video consultations.

Get information on our video consultations >

Cá độ bóng đáVideo consultation is as convenient as a phone call with the added value of face to face communication.  It can save you time and money (by not having to travel to and from appointments) and bring care closer to home. There are a number of appointments that can be carried out through video calling, but if you require a hearing test, impressions for new moulds or in some circumstances a repair/service then we would arrange an appointment for you at one of our sites. 

Hearing aid repairs and servicing

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer drop in repair sessions. We usually see a large number of patients during these sessions and we do not have the facilities for patients to maintain social distancing whilst they are waiting. Therefore, we have had to suspend all drop-in repair sessions indefinitely. 

However, we do offer a:

  • Postal repair service - You can post your hearing aids to the audiology department at Queens Hospital, Burton. We would then post the repaired aids back out to you.
  • Drop off repair service - You can drop your hearing aids off at either the audiology department at Queen's Hospital (there is a box for the hearings aids to be left in), Outpatients reception at Samuel Johnson, or the general office at Sir Robert Peel (which is just to the left inside the main entrance), Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm. We will then contact you once your hearing aids have been repaired and are ready to collect.

*Note - The hearing aids would need to be clearly labelled with the patient’s details (including full name, DOB, address and phone number) and please provide us with information regarding the nature of the issue.  

In some circumstances we are able to offer:

  • Booked repair appointments – This is for patients whose hearing needs cannot be met by the non-face to face services we offer, or for patients who have a significant level of hearing loss, which would cause undue harm, distress or difficulty for them to wait for the aid to be sent and returned in the post. It's also for those patients who are in urgent need of impressions taking of their ears so new moulds can be made.
  • Door step repair service - This is for our most vulnerable patients, who are unable to leave their homes and do not have any family members or friends that are able to collect their hearing aids to post them or drop them into one of our hospitals.

A bit more on our door step repair service

Door stop hearing aid repairs are for patients who:

  • Are unable to leave their homes due to health or mobility issues,
  • Are shielding during the current coronavirus crisis,
  • Are vulnerable due to sight loss, disability, learning difficulties or dementia, or who have a significant level of hearing loss, which would cause undue harm, distress or difficulty for them to wait for the aid to be sent and returned in the post.

An audiologist would come to your home to repair/service your hearing aids. You would need to leave your hearing aid(s) outside of your home in a box or bag along with a description of the issue. The hearing aid(s) would then be repaired by an audiologist who was wearing the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Once the aid(s) have been repaired they would be left outside of your home for you to collect once the audiologist is a safe distance away.     

Domiciliary visits (home visits)          

We offer domiciliary visits for our most vulnerable patients, who are physically unable to leave their homes due to health or mobility issues. We are able to assess, test and fit hearing aids in the patients home as well as attend for service and maintenance of their hearing aids. However, for the time being, we have had to suspend home visits where we would need to go into the patient’s home, and are waiting on guidance on when these appointments can be reinstated.   

Ordering tubing and batteries for your hearing aid(s)

It is now possible to order replacement tubes, domes and batteries. Simply download and fill in our Audiology Tubing or Battery Request Form, and return it to uhdb.burtonhearingaidcentre@nhs.netIf you would like instructions on how to change the tubing, please make a note of this on the request form. We will then post out the tubes and batteries as required.

Battery collection points

Batteries can be collected locally, free of charge, from the places listed below:

  • PCP Pharmacy, 30 Hospital St, Tamworth
  • Queen's Hospital, Burton (ground floor helpdesk or audiology dept., reception b)
  • Samuel Johnson Hospital, Lichfield
  • Sir Robert Peel Hospital, Tamworth
  • Swadlincote Health Centre, Civic Way
  • Uttoxeter Health Centre,  Balance Street
  • Winshill Medical Centre, Melbourne Avenue

GP surgeries (their registered patients only):

  • Abbots Bromley Surgery
  • Alrewas Surgery
  • Barton Under Needwood Family Practice
  • Castle Medical Group, Ashby
  • Cloisters Medical Practice
  • Hill St. Health & Wellbeing Centre, Stapenhill
  • Measham Medical Centre
  • Peel Croft Surgery, Lichfield St, Burton
  • Salters Meadow, Burntwood
  • Stretton Medical Centre
  • Trent Meadows Practice, Branston
  • Tutbury & Dove River Practice, Tutbury
  • The Westgate Practice
  • Wellbrook Medical Centre, Hilton
  • Willington Surgery
  • Dr Yannamani & Dr Khare Practice (Stoneydelph)
  • Yoxall Health Centre

The Loop System and Environmental aids

loop system iconCá độ bóng đá The Loop System (also called the Telecoil or the “T” setting) can be activated on your hearing aid on request, and acts alongside the volume switch.

The Loop System can be found in many public places, for example the Post Office, bank, church, cinema or theatre. Some telephones also have one. Where you see the sign you should press the button on your hearing aid to activate the Loop System. It can make it much easier to hear in places where the speaker can be a long way away (i.e. in the church), or where there is a lot of noise (i.e. in the Post Office or bank).

Environmental aids

Cá độ bóng đáA hearing aid can help you hear many things in and around the house, but even with its help, you may find that you have some remaining problems.

Cá độ bóng đáThere are a number of products available for sale which could help with things such as:

  • Hearing the television
  • Alarm clocks
  • Listening to music
  • Using the telephone
  • Using a mobile phone

We can also provide a self-referral form for Social Services to assess any Assistive Listening Devices to help you around the home (e.g. a loop system for the television, vibrating pad for under your pillow for the smoke alarm or flashing light for your doorbell).

Please contact the audiology department for more information.